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Коммуникативная методика ILP

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Открытая Америка:
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для уровня First Grade Program + Catch-up
для уровня Basic Reading
для уровня Follow-up
для уровня Maintenance
Диалоги с Бренданом

«Маленькая Америка» проводит набор детей в группы в филиалах в Киеве.
1. Центр ( м. «Лукьяновская», ул. Черновола 20 оф.5, 2 этаж)
Схема проезда
тел.: (095) 921-38-65, (044) 593-06-67
Принимаются дети от 3 до 12 лет
Запись по телефонам:
2. Позняки (м. «Позняки», м.«Харьковская», ул.Кошица 9Б)
Схема проезда
тел.:  (044) 228-38-43
Принимаются дети от 3 до 12 лет
Запись по телефонам:
3. Оболонь (м. «Героев Днепра», гимназия «Экология и Культура», ул. Северная 42)
Схема проезда
тел.: (063) 151-57-09
Принимаются дети от 6 до 8 лет

4. Оболонь (м. «Минская», просп. Героев Сталинграда 25-А)
Схема проезда
тел.: (044) 413-46-05
Принимаются дети от 3 до 12 лет
Запись по телефонам:

Контактная информация

Моб.:(050) 353-28-30


The Program is run by native speakers from the US educational organization International Language Programs – ILP.

Program Description

The ILP program is a lively, interactive, student-centered program that utilizes developmentally appropriate art, music and play activities to engage students in English language instruction. From the first day, students are building their vocabulary and appropriately using phrases in context. The exciting and engaging ILP program has been successfully carried out in many countries all over the world.

The ILP program was specifically designed to support language acquisition with an emphasis on reading and comprehending English. The ILP program focus is on vocabulary development and comprehension strategies that will enhance reading skills.

Target students
The program is specifically designed to serve non- or limited-English speaking students of 3-8 years old, and has also been used effectively with students of 9-10 years old. Students participate in activities for one to three hours each day, five days each week. Students participate in the program at the school, or alternatively at an appropriate community center or other suitable location.

Teaching Approach
Upon completion of the ILP program, most students who entered with little or no English language ability will be ready for mainstream American classroom curriculum with minimal, if any, additional language support. The program comprises the following elements:

    • Specifically designed to serve non- or limited-English speaking students
    • Small groups of 6-8 students per teacher
    • Block of 180 minutes a day, 5 days a week
    • Art, music, and play are integrated into each activity
    • Students are engaged in English instruction from the first day
    • Most students will be functionally fluent in English within 500 hours of instruction
    • Daily performance assessments are an integral part of the program

    Children are divided into groups of 6-8 and rotate through each of six learning locations. Activities in each location are conducted by a single teacher in a physically (visually and aurally) separated space. Each group of children rotates through each activity.

    Key characteristics of each lesson:

      • Content is familiar, language is new. Activities are in areas that children are already familiar with: food, games, sports, stories, art, and shop.
      • All language referents are observable. All language the teacher uses is about concrete objects and actions so that children can comprehend and participate from the beginning with no English ability.
      • The teacher focuses the children on the details of the processes.
      • The details of the process are very particular, requiring the teachers’ lead. The ILP teacher determines the appropriate process for each task in an activity and the details allow children to learn new vocabulary without leaving observable referents.
      • Each child performs the activity simultaneously with the teacher, as the teacher models the language the children need for that context.
      • The teacher focuses on language: the goal for each activity is an average of one utterance per minute, per child in the target language.
      • The teacher speaks only in the target language, eliminating confusion that is typically caused by code-switching.
      • Each of six content areas includes activities involving practical action.
      • Each activity includes a variety of materials for hands-on learning.

    Children have meaningful interaction, entirely in English, in a task to which they are attentive. During each activity, the teacher selects one of twenty-three Basic Mobilizing Concepts (BMCs) and highlights the BMC, as it comes up in a natural context, twelve to fifteen times. BMCs are concepts the children must be able to use to be mobile in the language quickly.

    Content areas
    ILP recommends 180 minutes daily for children who have little or no English ability, though the program can be adapted to a daily 120-minute or 60-minute schedule where necessary and appropriate.

    Shop — Children put together toys and games created by ILP while they talk about the details and functions of each piece, how it fits together, and what tools are needed.

    Games — Children play table, circle, and carnival games, talking about the rules and game strategies in English.

    Drama — Children hear and talk about the characters, costumes, and props they use to reenact stories.

    Gym — Children play a variety of sports such as volleyball (with a beach ball or water balloon), kickball, or Frisbee. Language is learned as the teacher demonstrates warm-up activities, skills, and strategies.

    Art — Children use a variety of media and tools to create art and different craft items, while the teacher guides them through the details of each step in English.

    Kitchen — Children make snack food with the teacher, talking about ingredients, actions, and senses in English.


    Contact information
    Tatiana Vavilova
    Program director
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